Welcome to Succeedable!

This blog is going to be used to promote and develop agility in the workplace.

I’ll be recording my actual experiences and what I’ve learned from them, and I’ll also be looking into the history of work and how come we do what we do the way we do it, and could we do it differently to give ourselves a better chance of success.

Agility has been mainly adopted in the world of software development using a variety of frameworks.  It’s cultural shift and what that makes possible is applicable to all areas of knowledge work.  Is it also applicable elsewhere?  I would argue that it is, that any project that requires a large portion of work that cannot be pre-defined is a suitable candidate.  I want to see this become a major topic of discussion.

I’ll also be using the blog to capture snippets of thought from my mobile WordPress application as I’m out and about.  These thoughts may well end up being fleshed out into full blown posts.  Who can tell?  Not me!  But this blog can exemplify the great principle of “Make it visible, periodically inspect, then adapt”.


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